Introduction to DKG - start here

What's new in OriginTrail v6 and how can you get started?
The OriginTrail DKG v6 is the newest version of OriginTrail, which introduces various improvements to the existing OriginTrail DKG. Among others, it brings:
  • Knowledge assets, identified by the Universal Asset Locators (UAL), akin to URLs in Web2
  • improved discoverability, performance and semantic capabilities with the expanding support for semantic technologies such as RDF, OWL, SPARQL, Triple Pattern Fragments, SHACL and others
  • numerous performance updates to the protocol & network implementation

How do you build on OriginTrail V6?

We have a great new SDK for V6 - get started here!

How can you contribute to OriginTrail V6?

You can contribute in several ways:
  • by contributing to the OriginTrail v6 codebase
  • by running OriginTrail v6 nodes in one of the networks. Running a v6 node on the testnet will also make you eligible for bounty rewards, while after mainnet launch your node will be earning TRAC rewards for the services provided to the network
  • join the discussion in our tech community Discord!