Acquire archive RPC endpoints

This section of the tutorial will cover the details regarding the RPC endpoints for the blockchains supported by the OriginTrail DKG node.

In order for your OriginTrail node to be able to connect and communicate with any of the supported blockchains, it will require an archive RPC endpoint. There are different RPC providers offering endpoints for different blockchains and it's up the node runner to choose the provider.

1. NeuroWeb archival RPC endpoint:

When it comes to deploying your node on OriginTrail's NeuroWeb (testnet or mainnet), your node will automatically be provided with the RPC endpoint. This means that no action is required from the node runner at the current stage.

2. Gnosis and Chiado archival RPC endpoints:

Refer to the official Gnosis documentation and choose an RPC provider in order to acquire the archival RPC Endpoint.

Selecting an archival endpoint is a crucial requirement for the optimal functionality of your DKG node.

During the installation process, installer will ask you to input the Chiado (Testnet) or Gnosis (Mainnet) archival RPC endpoint and autimatically configure your node to use it. The endpoint you provide, will be inserted into the .origintrail_noderc (custom configuration file) automatically.

You will be able to change your RPC endpoint manually later by editing the .origintrail_noderc custom configuration file which will be located inside the "ot-node" directory.

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