Development principles

How we guide the OriginTrail ecosystem development

The OriginTrail ecosystem is built around 3 core pillars:

Neutrality β€” Being an open-source, decentralized system, based on open global standards, neutrality is crucial for the OriginTrail ecosystem as it prevents vendor lock-ins, ensures integrity, and effectively breaks data silos. Neutrality means adopting co-creation principles, working with other blockchain ecosystems and solution builders even as they may be competing in the same market on the application level. The technical design of OriginTrail applies neutrality at several levels - integrating with multiple blockchains to enable users to make choices on their preferred chain, enabling integrations with any system by applying open standards and building in open source.

Usability β€” the technologies underpinning Web3 are fundamental, protocol level technologies. In order to ensure smooth onboarding of users, enterprises and developers, there needs to be a great focus on usability and user experience. OriginTrail today is being used within global enterprises and institutions.

Inclusiveness β€” Continuing to form partnerships with technological and business global leaders that can employ the OriginTrail ecosystem for their communities. Catering to the needs of leading global communities requires us to be making strides in designing technical infrastructure and business models that support the adoption of the OriginTrail in diverse business communities.

Therefore OriginTrail technology development follows the below principles:

  • Connection-first approach - building and utilizing synergetic technologies to connect the world’s data into a global, decentralized knowledge graph

  • Technological neutrality - avoiding technological lock-ins and striving towards technical agnosticism where possible

  • Decentralization - utilizing and creating technologies designed to prevent any central authorities gaining power over the system

  • Privacy-by-Design approach - according to the 7 Foundational Principles of Privacy by Design

  • Development transparency - towards the OriginTrail Ecosystem community of developers, node runners and businesses

  • Open Source Development - according to Open Source Software principle

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