Community created resources
Tools and apps developed by the OriginTrail community
OriginTrail is a community driven project with lots of great community created resources. Shoutout to all the Tracers contributing to the project!


  • ​OTHub - OriginTrail monitoring hub developed by Luke Skinner
  • ​OT-AnsibleSetup by calr0x - Node management Automation through Ansible
  • ​OT-Docksucker by calr0x - Migrating a docker node to dockerless one
  • ​OT-SlimRestore by calr0x - Improved backup restoration
  • ​OT-Smoothbrain by calr0x - Incremental backup optimisation
  • ​OT-NodeWatch by calr0x - Set of tools to monitor the performance and uptime of your node
  • ​OT-2Nodes1Server by calr0x and BRX - merging 2 nodes in one VPS


  • ​otnode.com - community node installation and maintenance instructions and tips created by Milian
  • ​origintrailexplained.com - excellent OriginTrail explainer website created by Kirk
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