Base blockchain

Base Chain is an Ethereum Layer-2 blockchain network developed by Coinbase. It is designed to improve scalability, performance, and interoperability while reducing transaction costs and settlement time on the Ethereum network.

The synergy between the DKG and BASE blockchain opens up new horizons for builders, driving them to create groundbreaking decentralized AI applications.

Bridging TRAC to Base

TRAC is the ERC20 token used for creating Knowledge Assets on the OriginTrail Decentralized Knowledge Graph (DKG). TRAC also gets rewarded to delegated stakers and node runners for contributing to the DKG network.

You can use the Superbridge to transfer TRAC from Ethereum to Base.

TRAC token contract address on Base: 0xa81a52b4dda010896cdd386c7fbdc5cdc835ba23

Setting Up DKG Node on BASE

Setting up DKG node on BASE is easy and simple by following instructions at Running DKG nodes. If you want to integrate BASE to already running DKG node you should follow steps from Connect to Base.

Building on DKG on BASE

Powerful tool to build upon the DKG on BASE is the DKG SDK. By leveraging the DKG SDK, developers can harness all the capabilities that the DKG on BASE provides, unlocking new potentials for creating advanced decentralized applications and services.

At OriginTrail, we are empowering builders to transcend the ordinary and construct the extraordinary. Dive into our tutorials to harness the power of decentralized AI. Explore guides prepared by the OriginTrail Builders community to inspire your own innovative projects - πŸ“š Tutorials.

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