Acquiring tokens

This part of the documentation will explain how to acquire tokens for your OriginTrail DKG node.

Mainnet networks:

The OriginTrail DKG nodes operate with a two token system:

  • the TRAC token which is the native utility token of the DKG used for knowledge publishing, and

  • the native blockchain token of the chosen chain, used for interacting with DKG smart contracts (e.g NeuroWeb, Gnosis, Ethereum etc and their native tokens)

In order for your node to successfully start and run, you will need to provide these tokens to its operational wallet.

For more information on OriginTrail two-layer utility tokens - both TRAC and NEURO, please check the whitepapers.

Layer 1 utility tokens

OriginTrail has over time evolved into a multichain system (supporting Ethereum, Polkadot, Polygon and Gnosis blockchains) and for a fully functional hosting node you will require native tokens of the blockchains you intend to run it on as well.

Layer 2 utility token - TRAC

The Trace token (TRAC) is the utility token of the DKG (layer 2 of OriginTrail). It is required to perform operations such as publishing knowledge to the network, and is a utility token that drives the entire DKG. Nodes in the DKG can operate in two ways:

  • as non-hosting network gateways, which enables access to the DKG and communication with other network nodes, without hosting the DKG

  • as hosting nodes, which apart from being network gateways also host a portion of the DKG knowledge assets, for which they receive TRAC publishing fees as rewards. To run a hosting node in OriginTrail DKG, your node requires at least 50.000 TRAC tokens posted as a security collateral to the network

How can you acquire TRAC?

TRAC token can be accessed through multiple (decentralized and centralized) platforms. A non-exhaustive list includes:

  • Coinbase

  • Huobi

  • Kucoin

  • Uniswap

  • Bancor

  • Wintermute (over-the-counter)

More options can be found on CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko platforms.

IMPORTANT: There is no association between the core development team and the above mentioned platforms. You should familiarise yourself with all possible risks of using their services as you are doing so under your own responsibility.

Testnet networks:

At the current stage, OriginTrail DKG node can be deployed on the following testnet blockchains:

  1. NeuroWeb testnet

  2. Chiado (Gnosis testnet)

In order to acquire testnet tokens for the above listed blockchains, please refer to OriginTrail's Discord Faucet usage instructions.

Teleporting TRAC tokens to NeuroWeb:

To transfer TRAC tokens between Ethereum and NeuroWeb, you need to execute the Teleport process. The process of Teleporting TRAC between the two networks has been explained in the Teleport instructions section of our documentation.

Bridging TRAC to Gnosis:

In order to have your TRAC tokens become available on Gnosis mainnet network, you will have to bridge them from Ethereum network with the use of bridging platforms such as OmniBridge or an another platform of your choice.

Once you acquire TRAC tokens on the desired network, you may proceed with the setup.

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