Choosing blockchain networks

Before running a mainnet node, consider running a testnet node first and get familiar with the technology.

OriginTrail Decentralized Knowledge Graph is a Multi-chain DKG. That means nodes can operate and host knowledge assets on multiple blockchains at the same time. OriginTrail is built to integrate with EVM supporting blockchains.

At the current stage, OriginTrail DKG V6 supports the following blockchains:

Mainnet blockchains

  1. NeuroWeb (Polkadot)

  2. Gnosis chain (Ethereum)

  3. Base (Ethereum)

Testnet blockchains

  1. NeuroWeb testnet

  2. Gnosis Chiado testnet

  3. Base Sepolia testnet

Depending on your network of choice for the OriginTrail DKG node, please make sure that you carefully read through the requirements in the next sections connected to acquiring tokens and preparing node keys (wallets).

For NeuroWeb preparations, additional processes are required, such as wallet mapping. These will be explained under the "Tokens" and "Node keys (wallets)" sections of the instructions.

Prior to current version (V6), OriginTrail has been deployed to Ethereum, Gnosis and Polygon blockchains as well. V5 network is expected to sunset in 2024 as network activity migrates fully to DKG V6.

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