Initial Paranet Offerings (IPOs)

Initial Paranet Offerings (IPO) are introduced as a means of a public launch of a paranet, with a collection of Knowledge Assets and accompanying incentivization structure proposed and voted upon via the NeuroWeb governance mechanism.

Each IPO is structured as an initial proposal and an initial set of Knowledge Assets published, along with an incentivization structure set forth by a paranet operator that proposes how the incentives will be split across three groups:

  1. IPO operator

  2. Knowledge miners

  3. Neuro holders that participated in supporting the creation of an IPO through Neuroweb governance.

The paranets feature is initially rolled out on Neuroweb blockchain. Other DKG enabled blockchains will follow.

To launch your Initial Paranet Offering you are expected to:

  1. Share your initial AI Paranet idea publicly with the Knowledge Miner community (e.g. in Discord paranets channel)

  2. Specify your paranet using the provided IPO template to prepare it for the NeuroWeb governance proposal. Request a custom Discord channel creation for your paranet via the #paranets channel.

  3. Introduce your paranet topic, knowledge assets and AI services to the community. To ensure the required community support, we recommend sharing your proposal widely:

  4. Before launching the Governance vote, register your paranet by creating the Paranet Registry Knowledge Asse and instantiating the ParanetIncentives smart contract via the ParanetIncentiveFactory contract.

  5. Launch the NeuroWeb Governance Proposal for your paranet. General instructions for submitting governance proposals are available here.

  6. Once your paranet idea is supported (voted Aye by majority vote of the Neuroweb community), proceed with activating your paranet and knowledge mining

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