IPO specification

In this specification phase, the focus is on the concept for your paranet and how you plan to apply incentives to grow a vibrant community of knowledge miners. Here is a template that needs to be populated for your Initial Paranet Offering (IPO). Below, you will find detailed guidelines and additional information to assist you in filling out the template and structuring your IPO proposal effectively.

Paranet context and problem

Start your journey by stating what your paranet aims to achieve. Clearly outline the purpose and objectives of your paranet. Try to answer following questions:

  • What problem does it aim to solve?

  • What kind of knowledge assets and services will it offer?

  • What type (if any) of specialized tools will Knowledge Miners need to run?

  • Who are the expected users?

  • How will they interact with the paranet?

Paranet diagram

A visual representation is crucial for ensuring easier understanding and communication of your Paranet structure. Create a visual representation (block scheme, architecture diagram or similar) of your paranet structure, showcasing how various services, knowledge assets, and stakeholders interact within the paranet ecosystem.

Paranet AI services

As a paranet operator you may run many different services in association with your paranet knowledge assets, such as AI services (LLMs, Agents etc), data feeds, user or machine-to-machine interfaces etc. An example of a service would be an AI question-answering system which operates on the basis of understanding natural language questions and extracting answers from the DKG (using dRAG). Describe your services with as much detail as possible.

Paranet Knowledge Assets

To best leverage the neuro-symbolic nature of the DKG, it is recommended to apply a rich schema for your paranet knowledge assets. If your knowledge is organized according to an ontology, abilities such as Knowledge graph reasoning become possible, as well as increased efficiency with knowledge querying (through SPARQL). We recommend picking at least one established ontology that applies to the knowledge domain of your paranet. Learn more on ontologies here.

NEURO emissions

NEURO emissions are requested by the paranet operator from the NeuroWeb Governance to fuel the game-theoretical system the paranet operator designed in order to ensure the growth of knowledge in their paranets, leading to the paranet achieving desired objectives.

Paranet operators propose how the incentives will be split across three groups:

  • paranet operator running AI services

  • Knowledge miners contributing knowledge to the paranet

  • Neuro holders that participated in supporting the creation of an IPO through governance

The success of an IPO largely depends on the paranetโ€™s operator ability to wisely propose the incentive structure, taking into consideration, among others, the following factors:

  • Mining Knowledge Assets on the DKG by using TRAC utility tokens, knowledge miners are central to the success of a paranet., Their role is also critical for distributing the NEURO emissions among the three groups, as such distribution only occurs as new knowledge is mined. . When launching an IPO, the paranet operator defines the ratio of NEURO to be earned per TRAC spent to mine each Knowledge Asset. An IPO operator may set the ratio autonomously to target a desired profitability before the proposal is submitted to voting, yet attempts of price gouging might not receive support from NEURO holders.

  • Paranet operator defines AI services which the operator will make available as a part of the paranet. For running the AI services and supporting the paranet, the paranet operator can set a percentage of the emissions as a paranet operator fee.

  • NEURO holders that support an IPO via governance voting are to lock up tokens for the duration of NEURO emission allocated for the IPO. Though the share of emissions allocated for an IPO is an important factor for NEURO holdersโ€™ decision, the duration of the โ€œlock periodโ€ can also play an important role. The paranet operator also defines what portion of paranet incentives will be shared with NEURO holders supporting the proposal.

Marketing plan

Detail your marketing strategy for promoting and attracting knowledge miners to your paranet. Include channels, tactics, timelines, and any collaborations or partnerships planned for marketing purposes.

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