DKG Testnet faucet

OriginTrail DKG v6 testnet nodes operate on the NeuroWeb testnet and Gnosis Chiado, and therefore operate with test tokens. For a node to be operational, it requires TRAC and NEURO test tokens for NEURO testnet or Gnosis Chiado for Gnosis testnet blockchains.

In order to get your test tokens, first join our Discord server.

Request NeuroWeb TRAC and Neuro:

To request test NEURO tokens type in: !fundme_otp <substrate_wallet_address>

To request test TRAC tokens on OriginTrail NeuroWeb type in: !fundme_otp_trac <ethereum_wallet_address>

Request Chiado TRAC and xDai:

To request test TRAC tokens on Gnosis Chiado type in: !fundme_chiado_trac <ethereum_wallet_address>

To request test xDAI tokens type in: !fundme_xdai <ethereum_wallet_address>

The OriginTrail_Bot will respond back in chat and send you required tokens. Your Discord Faucet bot response should look like in the screenshot below:

If you experience any issues with the Discord Faucet bot, please let the team know by tagging them on one of the Discord channels or sending an email to

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