Sync a DKG Paranet

To interact with specific DKG paranets Knowledge Graphs using your OriginTrail node, you need to configure your node to synchronize paranet's knowledge assets. This setup can be achieved by modifying your node's configuration file to include paranet UAL.

If you have not yet set up your node or need guidance on configuring a full or gateway node, please refer to the following links:

To enable your node to sync with a paranet, you will need to add assetSync object to your node’s .origintrail_noderc file. Below is an example of how to configure this (make sure to replace the UAL in the example below):

"assetSync": {
    "syncParanets": ["did:dkg:hardhat2:31337/0x8aafc28174bb6c3bdc7be92f18c2f134e876c05e/1"]

After you have updated the .origintrail_noderc file, save your changes and restart your OriginTrail node. This ensures that the new settings take effect and your node starts syncing data from the specified paranet.

Your node will start syncing when you see following log:

Paranet sync: Starting paranet sync for paranet: did:dkg:hardhat2:31337/0x8aafc28174bb6c3bdc7be92f18c2f134e876c05e/1

The paranet is fully synced when you see following log:

Paranet sync: KA count from contract and in DB is the same, nothing new to sync, for paranet: did:dkg:hardhat2:31337/0x8aafc28174bb6c3bdc7be92f18c2f134e876c05e/1 

Interacting with the paranet Knowledge graph through your node is explained on Building with DKG paranets page.

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