The one-stop-shop SDK for your Semantic Web3 needs
The OriginTrail SDKs are client libraries for your applications, used to interact and connect with the OriginTrail Decentralized Knowledge Graph.
From an architectural standpoint, the SDK libraries are application interfaces into the DKG, enabling you to create and manage Knowledge Assets through your apps, as well as perform network queries (such as search, or SPARQL queries), as illustrated below.
The interplay between your app, DKG and blockchains
The OriginTrail SDK libraries are being built in various languages by the team and the community, as listed below:
  • dkg.js -Javascript client (if you are looking for the v5 client, you can find it here)
  • dkg.py - Python client
  • dkg.php - PHP client (coming soon)
  • dkg.rs - Rust client (coming soon)
  • dkg.go - Go client (coming soon)
  • dkg.java - Java client (coming soon)
  • dkg.net - .NET client (coming soon)
Interested in building a DKG SDK in a particular programming language? We'd love to support you. Create an issue on our Github and let's get the conversation going!