Upcoming version of the Decentralized Knowledge Graph

β€œQ. How do you propose to do this?

A. By saving the knowledge of the race. The sum of human knowing is beyond any one man; any thousand men. With the destruction of our social fabric, science will be broken into a million pieces. Individuals will know much of the exceedingly tiny facets of which there is to know. They will be helpless and useless by themselves. The bits of lore, meaningless, will not be passed on. They will be lost through the generations. But, if we now prepare a giant summary of all knowledge, it will never be lost. Coming generations will build on it, and will not have to rediscover it for themselves. One millennium will do the work of thirty thousand.”

Hari Seldon, Foundation series by Isaac Asimov (1951)

The upcoming Decentralized Knowledge Graph (DKG) V8 update represents a significant advancement in Decentralized AI, building on the achievements of previous innovations brought by V6. The DKG V6 materialized knowledge as a new asset class, with its core AI-ready knowledge assets setting the stage for advanced AI applications in the domains of real world assets (RWAs), decentralized science (DeSci), industry 4.0 and more.

Moving forward, DKG V8 introduces autonomous DKG growth, support for Initial Paranet Offerings (IPOs), DKG Edge nodes and significantly increased scalability. With this, the Decentralized Retrieval Augmented Generation (dRAG) becomes a foundational framework instilled in the DKG V8, significantly advancing a spectrum of large language model (LLM) applications.

The initial V8 releases will focus on the following 3 new features:

  1. DKG Edge nodes: expanding the #DePIN capabilities of the DKG, OriginTrail V8 will enable anyone to run DKG enabled trusted AI on their devices with DKG Edge nodes, preserving privacy and opening up a plethora of new capabilities for builders. Your devices will participate in the global knowledge marketplace through DKG nodes on your devices, monetizing your knowledge for you, under your control, in the way you decide. Edge nodes (formerly called "light" nodes) are capable of running your trusted AI agents, contributing to network capacity, robustness and shared knowledge

  2. Random sampling proof system: through this upgraded proof system, we expect at least a 100x order of magnitude scalability improvement compared to V6 across all blockchains. Random sampling is an optimistic proof system that enables growing the DKG without growing the transaction volume on blockchains, as random sampling has time-constant efficiency on the blockchain layer. Details to be published in a more comprehensive RFC

  3. Knowledge Assets V2: introducing batch minting (creating multiple knowledge assets in one transaction), together with improved network resolution, knowledge asset I/O operations will become both faster and much less gas intensive on chain.

DKG V8 Launch stages

The V8 DKG launch sequence consists of 4 stages, aligned with the wider OriginTrail ecosystem roadmap, with a forkless upgrade to V8

Stage 1: V8 multi chain infrastructure deployment

  • Paranet deployment and first IPOs launched

  • Base blockchain integration

  • Cross-chain knowledge mining support

Stage 2: DKG Core internet scale V8 testnet launch

  • Asynchronous backing

  • Knowledge assets V2: Batch minting (in prototype)

  • DKG Core: Random sampling (in prototype)

Stage 3: DKG Edge nodes on V8 testnet

  • Edge node beta launch

  • Knowledge assets V2: Batch minting & native vector support

  • DKG Core: Random sampling deployment

Stage 4: V8 Mainnet upgrade deployment (October 2024)

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