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OriginTrail is the first Purpose-built Protocol for Supply Chains Based on Blockchain.

At the current stage of development, the protocol is deployed in the Freedom-Gemini mainnet stage. To test out the network, we encourage to use the OriginTrail Testnet v4.0 which operates together with Ethereum Rinkeby testnet. For further information about our roadmap please see our website for more detailed development plans.

OriginTrail is a neutral, open-source protocol built to establish high interoperability, interconnectivity and trust in data sharing between supply chain IT systems. It can be observed as a layer 2 data interoperability network which operates in conjunction with the L1 blockchain.

It is designed to take the load of storing and exchanging large datasets for supply chain applications off the L1 networks, thus lowering the cost (at the moment of writing this tutorial, storing 1kB of data on Ethereum mainnet would cost roughly $1) and enabling database-grade features for linked data in a decentralized manner. For this purpose, the OriginTrail protocol utilizes a specific data replication mechanism with the goal of building a privacy-first decentralized knowledge graph, effectively bypassing the constraints of underlying blockchain networks imposed by the nature of consensus mechanisms. The blockchain is therefore utilized for dataset fingerprinting and maintaining the necessary game-theoretical mechanisms within the OriginTrail Decentralized Network (ODN). Because of this design, OriginTrail is being used today in production with Ethereum at the current scale of roughly 15 TPS.

To learn more about how OriginTrail operates, check out the OriginTrail technology page, ask questions in the community Discord group, check out the core development team’s blog and engage in the official project Github repository.

The documentation is aimed towards three groups of readers:

  • Node runners
  • Supply chain service providers
  • Software Developers

Setting up the Node

In order to join the OriginTrail Decentralized Network (ODN), you need to install the OriginTrail network Node. For detailed instructions on installation and configuration of an OriginTrail node visit following sections:

Service provider guidelines

Service providers are companies that provide supply chain management solutions, consulting or advisory services to help their clients improve efficiencies, enhance product and consumer safety and brand protection activities to name a few. Please visit Implementation guidelines for more resources.

Development contribution

OriginTrail is an open source project. We happily invite you to join us in our mission of building the protocol to establish more transparency within global supply chains.

For more information please take a look at Contribution Guidelines