The OriginTrail multi-chain consensus layer

The OriginTrail consensus layer is composed of blockchains which enable trusted computation necessary for the DKG to operate in a decentralized environment. Currently deployed on Ethereum, Gnosis chain, Polygon and NeuroWeb, OriginTrail is a multi-chain system with the ability to integrate all assets native to the connected blockchains and extend them with asset graphs and smart contract based applications such as data marketplaces.

In the existing version of the DKG (based on Ethereum-based blockchains), the OriginTrail ecosystem was effectively β€œoutsourcing” the Layer 1 capabilities. With the addition of OriginTrail NeuroWeb, the blockchain layer is now, for the first time ever, becoming an integral part of the OriginTrail ecosystem technology stack. OriginTrail NeuroWeb also introduces a native token, NEURO - a utility asset that is not only used for blockchain gas fees and inclusive governance, but also enables a way to incentivise the growth of DKG usage. Together with TRAC, the two tokens form the OriginTrail ecosystem tokenomics, driving network effects and value for all network participants. OriginTrail therefore becomes an ecosystem with two technical components, two network layers and two utility tokens.

The two OriginTrail technological layers - DKG (layer 2) and consensus layer (layer 1) - enormously benefit each other if tightly integrated. With the OriginTrail NeuroWeb as a DKG tailored blockchain, the OriginTrail stack receives additional capabilities and vastly improves in scalability and performance.

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