Fund your v6 testnet node
OriginTrail v6 testnet node is used for development and testing, and therefore operates with test tokens. At this time, it needs MATIC test tokens for Polygon Mumbai testnet.
In order to get your MATIC test tokens, first add Polygon Mumbai network to your Metamask. Detailed instructions on how to add Polygon Mumbai network to Metamask can be found at the following link.
When Polygon Mumbai network is added to Metamask, please visit MATIC test token faucet in order to fund the wallet of your choice (OriginTrail node wallet). Polygon Mumbai faucet is available here.
When at their faucet website, go trough the following steps:
  1. 1.
    Make sure that the correct "Network" is selected when requesting the tokens. See image below:
2. Paste your "Wallet Address" into the form and click submit.
3. Confirm the transaction.
4. After the confirmation, "Request Submitted" window will be shown. Close it and wait for a few minutes for tokens to arrive to your wallet.
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