Getting started

Learn how to build your Dapps on OriginTrail
This version is deprecated and DKG Mainnet is now running version 6. We recommend to start with DKGv6 if you are planning to build new Dapps on DKG.
Welcome to the hands-on tutorial on how to set up and use OriginTrail. In order to start development, you don't need any proprietary tools or special knowledge - this guide will take care of you. If you do stumble upon any issues or misunderstandings, feel free to get in touch via our Discord.
We will start by setting up the local development environment, which will entail a local network of OriginTrail nodes. You are also free to use one of the testnets for development, however we encourage running a local network for ease of use and full control of your environment.
This section will be constantly updated with resources available for developers, including examples of codes to be reused, development tools, community built solutions, etc.