Development environment setup

How to setup a local and shared development environment
These setup instructions for DKGv6 are "Work in progress" and are subject to change. The development team expects to introduce improvements of setting up the DKGv6 node in local environment in the future.
Need any assistance with node setup? Join the DKGv6 Discord chat and find help within the OriginTrail tech community!

Quick Start


  • This instructions are made for MacOS and Linux
  • An installed and running Blazegraph
  • An installed and running MySQL
    • You need to create empty table named operationaldb inside MySQL
  • You should have installed npm and Node.js (v16)

Installation steps

Step 1 - Get the DKG code by cloning the repo and checking out the proper branch

git clone https://github.com/OriginTrail/ot-node
cd ot-node

Step 2 - Install dependencies

npm install
Step 3 - Create .env file the ot-node root folder and add following line:
Step 4 - Start local DKG network
In order to start the local DKG network, run the local network setup script to have multiple nodes running in local environment:
The script below only works for MacOS. If you need help with the Linux setup contact the team on Discord.
bash tools/local-network-setup/setup-macos-environment.sh --nodes=12
Successfully started node

Running nodes on testnet

For a shared development environment, we recommend deploying DKG testnet nodes on the testnet - instructions can be found here.