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The purpose of this document is to provide you with all necessary information needed to understand the technology behind OriginTrail V6 as well as instructions on how to prepare and operate your DKG V6 Mainnet node.

What is the DKG V6 Mainnet?

OriginTrail is an open, decentralized two-layer system synergizing blockchains (layer 1) and knowledge graph technology (layer 2). It supports the OriginTrail Decentralized Knowledge Graph, designed as the semantic layer for Web3 enabling discoverability of any web3 asset (via Unique Asset Locators - UAL, representing information about supply chain items to Art, Diplomas, Certificates, NFTs, DeFi and more). It operates on the OriginTrail Decentralized Network (ODN), which is composed of OriginTrail DKG nodes running OriginTrail Protocol. Anyone with sufficient technical capacity can operate an OriginTrail node and thus contribute to the network, providing services according to the OriginTrail Protocol in return for service compensation in TRAC tokens (read more about the tokenomics upgrade in the OT-RFC-14) . The latest version of OriginTrail - V6 - is a transformational upgrade with new Web3 Asset functionalities (learn more about assets here).
If you plan on operating an OriginTrail V6 Mainnet node, this document is for you!
For a more detailed explanation of DKG, please check our official documentation.

Before you start - join us on Discord:

The OriginTrail community is very welcoming and helpful, and a dedicated channel on the OriginTrail Discord has been created to support everyone who intends to operate OriginTrail V6 Mainnet nodes. Join us on the link below and say hi in the #v6-mainnet channel!