Installation prerequisites

Before running a mainnet node, consider first to run a testnet node.
Before we dive into the installation process of the DKG node, there are a few important steps that need to be executed such as acquiring tokens needed for the node’s proper functioning on the network as well as mapping your ERC20 and Substrate wallets.

1. Node wallets

There are 4 wallets (keys) that your node needs to properly function with OriginTrail V6:
  • 1x “Operational” Ethereum wallet (as nodes evmOperationalWallet)
  • 1x “Operational” Substrate wallet (which will be mapped to evmOperationalWallet)
  • 1x “Admin” Ethereum wallet (as nodes evmManagementWallet)
  • 1x “Admin” Substrate wallet that will be mapped to evmManagementWallet
These wallets will be used during the installation process and you will add them into the configuration file.
Read more about operational and admin wallets here.

2. Tokens

OriginTrail V6 Mainnet nodes will support multiple blockchains, however, V6 mainnet is launching first on the OriginTrail Parachain. Its operations are fueled by two tokens, TRAC and the native blockchain token - OTP in the case of OriginTrail Parachain, ETH in the case of Ethereum, MATIC for Polygon etc.
In order for your node to successfully start and run, you will need to provide these tokens to its operational wallet.
For more information on OriginTrail two-layer utility tokens - both TRAC and OTP, please check the following page: https://parachain.origintrail.io/whitepaper?section=trac-otp-tokenomics

Layer 2 utility token - TRAC

The Trace token (TRAC) is the utility token of the DKG (layer 2 of OriginTrail). It is required to perform operations such as publishing assets on the network, and is a utility token that drives the entire DKG.
To run a node in OriginTrail V6, your node requires at least 50.000 TRAC tokens posted as a security collateral to the network.

How can you acquire TRAC?

TRAC token can be accessed through multiple (decentralized and centralized) platforms. A non-exhaustive list includes:
  • Coinbase
  • Huobi
  • Kucoin
  • Uniswap
  • Bancor
  • Wintermute (over-the-counter)
More options can be found on CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko platforms.
IMPORTANT: There is no association between the core development team and the above mentioned platforms. You should familiarise yourself with all possible risks of using their services as you are doing so under your own responsibility.

Layer 1 utility tokens

OriginTrail has over time evolved into a multichain system (supporting Ethereum, Polygon and Gnosis blockchains) and with V6 makes an extension to the OriginTrail Parachain on Polkadot, which is the first blockchain OriginTrail V6 will support.
The OriginTrail Parachain Token (OTP) is the utility token for OriginTrail Parachain and is necessary for OriginTrail V6 nodes to run.

How can you acquire OTP tokens?

OTP tokens have been distributed to contributors of the OriginTrail Parachain crowdloan, as well being available in bounty for teleporting TRAC tokens to OriginTrail Parachain.
Follow the announcements in Discord to learn once a converter between TRAC and OTP will be launched on the OriginTrail Parachain, allowing you to exchange between the two tokens.

Getting your TRAC tokens on the OriginTrail Parachain (TRAC Teleport)

TRAC is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain, transferred over to the OriginTrail Parachain and enhanced with Polkadot native capabilities. In order to transfer your TRAC tokens to the OriginTrail Parachain, a Teleport system has been established until a Polkadot <-> Ethereum bridge is ready. Therefore to get your TRAC on the OriginTrail Parachain, you need to teleport your tokens first.
Note: Teleporting is performed in 15 batches. Details are available in OT-RFC-12.

3. Mapping your operational and admin wallets

In order to complete the Teleport and setup your V6 node, you will need to perform a process of “mapping” your Ethereum and Substrate wallets. The mapping process is explained here.
The process will require you to use an “account mapping” interface - an example usage video is available here.

4. Provision a server for your node

In order to deploy your OriginTrail V6 node, you will need a Linux server with the following minimum recommended hardware:
The provided installer script is designed for installing the OriginTrail node on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and 22.04 LTS distributions. It is also possible to install the OriginTrail node on other systems but it would require modifications to the installer script. If you have any such modifications in mind, we highly encourage your contributions so please visit our GitHub for more information.
  • 4GB RAM,
  • 2CPUs
  • 50GB HDD space
Make sure that you have root access to your server.