DKG v6 launch progress

This page provides the latest status on the OriginTrail DKG v6 development progress
Current launch stage: Stage 2

DKG v6 development progress status

The OriginTrail DKGv6 testnet has been successfully integrated with the OriginTrail Parachain testnet, introducing UALs, DKG asset graphs and the stage 2 implementation of TRAC and OTP token features. Stage 2 proceeds with the final validation and testing of OriginTrail v6 protocol implementation in the Polkadot environment with EVM support, and will be used for rolling out the complete OriginTrail feature set in consecutive Stage 2 releases.
The Stage 2 DKGv6 testnet operates only on the OriginTrail Parachain testnet (removing the integration the Polygon Mumbai testnet for the time being).
The latest release can be found here.
To run the latest OriginTrail v6 Stage 2 testnet node, jump to this page.
To obtain testnet TRAC and OTP tokens, please follow the instructions on this page
To start building with the DKGv6 Stage 2 testnet, check out the SDK page.
To participate in the DKG v6 bounty program, visit this page
The Stage 1 DKGv6 testnet is considered deprecated.

DKG v6 launch procedure

The OriginTrail DKG v6 launch is performed in 3 stages:
  • Stage 1 which introduced the new network and data layer. The goal of Stage1 is to verify smooth operation of the v6 network and data layer in a public network environment.
  • Stage 2 which introduces UALs and asset functionality, including the smart contract layer (smart contracts and TRAC token). Stage 2 has started in August 2022. Stage 2 ends with OriginTrail DKG v6 launching its mainnet on OriginTrail Parachain.
  • Stage 3 will be focused on performing the migration from v5 to the v6 mainnet, after .