Setup instructions (Dockerless)
These setup instructions for DKGv6 are "Work in progress" and are subject to change. The development team expects to introduce improvements as well as a more automated process of setting up the DKGv6 node in the future.
Need any assistance with node setup? Join the DKGv6 Discord chat and find help within the OriginTrail tech community!
IMPORTANT: These instructions are not intended for migrating your current v5 node to v6. Attempting this will most likely break your v5 node at this point. You should only use these instructions in order to setup a fresh OriginTrail v6 testnet node.


  • A dedicated 4GB RAM/2CPUs/50GB HDD Ubuntu server (minimum hardware requirements)
Prepare GraphDB
  1. 1.
    Please visit their official website and fill out the form. Installation files will sent to you by email. Use the standalone version of GraphDB.
  2. 2.
    Upload the <graphDB_file>.zip file to your server. There are several ways:
  • Download any FTP program, such as FileZilla (works for Mac OS, Windows and Ubuntu), and copy the <graphDB_file>.zip to the server's /root directory;
  • You can also use sftp://[email protected]_address and copy the file over for Ubuntu users. Consult these instructions if needed;


Step 1

Login to the server as root. You cannot use sudo and run this script. The command "npm ci" might fail.

Step 2

Download the installer script:
cd /root/ && curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/OriginTrail/ot-node/v6/release/testnet/installer/installer.sh --output installer.sh
Update permissions for the installer script:
chmod +x installer.sh
Run the installer script:
Congratulations. Welcome to v6 beta
Checking node logs:
journalctl -u otnode --output cat -fn 100
Successfully started
OriginTrail node commands:
Start node: otnode-start
Stop node: otnode-stop
Restart node: otnode-restart
Show node logs: otnode-logs
Open node configuration: otnode-config
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