OriginTrail Parachain Crowdloan

1. OriginTrail Parachain crowdloan overview

  • Network: Polkadot
  • Auction slot: #17-#18
  • Lease Period: 96 Weeks
  • Basic crowdloan distribution: 20 OTP for 1 DOT bonded for OriginTrail Parachain
  • Strategic supporter bonus: 15%
  • Early bird bonus: 5%
  • Referral Bonus: up to 5%
  • OTP release schedule: 25% liquid upfront, 75% evenly over the lease period.
  • Eligibility: No KYC is required, but participants must agree to Terms & Conditions.

2. How to Participate

The OriginTrail Parachain crowdloan process is performed on the Polkadot network and is a permissionless event. This means that participants can have multiple ways of taking part in the crowdloan process. Below we will list all the options that the Trace Labs team was made aware of. Using any third party service is under sole discretion and responsibility of participants. Before participating using any of the options below please familiarize yourself with the Terms & Conditions.

Option 1: Using Polkadot.js wallet browser extension

Contribute your DOT using the main Polkadot wallet interface - Polkadot.js.

Step 1: Prepare your wallet

โ€‹Install the Polkadot.js browser extension and create a Polkadot wallet if you do not have one. The video below shows a step-by-step guide on how to create a Polkadot JS wallet.
Ensure that you have MORE THAN 1 DOT remaining amount after your contributions (Polkadot existential amount) or your wallet will be automatically purged by the Polkadot blockchain and cannot be returned. Read more on the Polkadot Existential amount here.
In case you have DOT tokens bonded in Polkadot, ensure that they are unbonded to be able to participate in the OriginTrail Parachain crowdloan.
You can contribute multiple times with the same account.

Step 2: Contribute on the Polkadot JS crowdloan pageโ€‹

Visit the Polkadot.js Crowdloan page and click the โ€œ+ Contributeโ€ button next to the OriginTrail Parachain.
Click on the "Contribute" button in the OriginTrail Parachain row

Step 3: Confirm your parameters and execute the transaction

Select your wallet, enter your contribution amount in DOT and click the Contribute button.
Insert your contribution amount and click "Contribute" in the bottom right corner
Once your transaction successfully completes, you are done!
DOT Redemption: Your DOT will be unlocked and returned to you after 96 weeks in a trustless way.

Pre-contribution checklist

  • I have installed the Polkadot.js browser extension.
  • I have (unbonded) DOT in my Polkadot.js account
  • I have made sure to have MORE THAN 1 DOT remaining amount after my contribution (Polkadot existential amount). I understand that my wallet will be automatically reaped by the Polkadot blockchain and cannot be returned in case my balance goes below the existential amount. Read more on the Polkadot Existential amount here.
You are not able to contribute via Ledger or similar devices at this time
The minumum contribution is 5 DOT

Option 2: Mobile wallets

Any mobile wallets options supporting OriginTrail Parachain will be available here.

Option 3: Exchanges

Any exchanges supporting OriginTrail Parachain will be available here.

3. Check your crowdloan contribution

Contributors using Polkadot.js browser extension can check their contributions by connecting their wallets to polkadot.js.org and navigating to Network->Parachains->Crowdloan to see their contributions. Description for checking contributions using other contribution options will be published when additional options become available.

4. Reward distribution

The OriginTrail Parachain reward distribution will occur after the successful completion of the crowdloan and launch of the OriginTrail Parachain. Details of the distribution process will be shared in a separate document.

More information

You can find more information in the official OriginTrail Parachain FAQ and the official OriginTrail Parachain Website.