OriginTrail technology stack
A high level overview of the OriginTrail two-layer architecture
The OriginTrail tech stack is purposefully designed to bring real world assets into the Web3, enabling discoverability, verifiability and connectivity of physical and digital assets in one coherent Web3 data ecosystem.
Two key requirements necessary for such Web3 infrastructure are the ability to ensure trust via decentralized consensus and utilize semantic, verifiable asset data for representing complex real world relationships and characteristics (such as ownership, location, business context, etc).
These distinct requirements require two distinct types of technology mentioned above - blockchains and knowledge graphs.
Blockchains are trust networks, designed to enable trusted computation through decentralized consensus, behaving like a global, trusted computer processor. Knowledge graphs on the other hand are semantic data networks. Powering systems of Google, NASA, Amazon and others, knowledge graphs are connected graph data structures, best for representing complex assets and their relationships in the real world.
The OriginTrail tech stack leverages blockchains and knowledge graphs by incorporating them into two network layers.
OriginTrail combines blockchains and knowledge graphs in it's two layer infrastructure
The following sections of the documentation dive deep into each of the two technical layers and their interplay.
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