Developer Reference

Useful reference links and addresses for developers

DKG Client library

You can get the DKG client library on this Github repo.

API reference

You can find the API reference on Swagger

The Postman API collection file can be found here.

Blockchain smart contract addresses


Ethereum (eth:mainnet)

  • TRAC token: 0xaA7a9CA87d3694B5755f213B5D04094b8d0F0A6F

  • ODN hub contract: 0x89777F4D16F0a263F47EaD07cbCAb9497861aa79

xDai (xdai:mainnet):

Polygon (polygon:mainnet):

  • TRAC token (bridged): 0xA7b98d63a137bF402b4570799ac4caD0BB1c4B1c

  • ODN hub contract: 0xe5FC9F71F8e378448c0BD0Fb8E1fb879654E3fbb


Ethereum Rinkeby 1 (ethr:rinkeby:1)

  • TRAC token: 0x98d9A611Ad1b5761bdC1dAAc42c48E4d54CF5882

  • ODN hub contract: 0x85720D4D09A52eD66656b28c68567E41AD45dD0e

Ethereum Rinkeby 2 (ethr:rinkeby:2)

  • TRAC token: 0x98d9A611Ad1b5761bdC1dAAc42c48E4d54CF5882

  • ODN hub contract: 0xfdf46024707698ccc26ec2997C2aE71C74CCA8aC

xDai (xdai:testnet)

  • TRAC token: 0x18F75411914f45665f352908F1D3D11f0Eb01f2A

  • ODN hub contract: 0x17324BdB37c607c0742e95eFc98973221E1eB9b4

Polygon (polygon:testnet)

  • TRAC token: 0x10eD38C374b2F5bBA3E85b9c478B9fc69559355B

  • ODN hub contract: 0x819deeadF9c4a1d5199435Fa195ff7824CCd687e

Parachain (parachain:testnet)

  • ODN hub contract: 0xA63fF660dd7db1D32a8D5f48249889E7e80f0650